Dr. Lea Holford

Ph.D. Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Amidst the Feminist writers who are restoring the place of the Feminine in religion, history and mythology, Lauren Sleeman adds a luminous new voice. She not only tells the stories of Greek, Celtic and Sumerian gods and goddesses, but adds the dimension of the evolution of consciousness.

Mandy Hager

Author of “Singing Home the Whale” and “Heloise”

A fascinating dive into ancient feminine traditions, with a sense of hope at the end that humankind can dig themselves out of their soulless death spiral.

Online Book Club

Behold is an entertaining piece by Lauren Sleeman that aims to revive history in the form of famed Greek and Celtic legends and give it an intriguing modern perspective. Hekate and her mentor, Lilith, are immortal beings tasked with keeping the gods and goddesses in check and maintaining balance in their realm. In addition to their hefty duties, the duo is forced into a never-ending battle with the patriarchy and its incessant urge to undermine the Femina (females) and their identities.

Liz Maluschnig

This is the most exquisite re-telling of myths, folklore and history through the eyes of the female wisdom goddesses. Lauren skilfully leads us through the chaotic, destructive times of male- led disconnection into transformation and balance as Beings of Light living connected with love, compassion and inner knowing. Through the ancient feminine characters of myth Lauren poetically reveals this new way of Being….the way of honoring feminine Knowing.

This book is a treasure, to be savoured. It is truly a work of art with the ability to open the heart and reach into the soul re-awakening us to our self knowledge and reconnecting us to the Source of Life, the Sacred Silence in all her feminine symbols, wisdom and universal forms.