“We have become the unspeakable ones, expunged since the earliest his-stories of Mesopotamia and Sumer,” I said to Lilith as we descended invisibly amongst the Titans and Hellenes.

“Have they silenced us forever?”

“Hah!” Lilith laughed. “As if we could be silenced.”

Instinctively I knew as she spoke that despite her legendary vision, even she could not foresee what lay ahead. In hindsight it was a blessing neither of us could. It was the Eye of the Fire that awaited us. A Sacred Incubation like no other. These are the tales I must share with you before I venture on, so that you come to know about the past.

About Lauren Sleeman

A Jungian and Transpersonal Psychotherapist, is the author of two novels.

In Behold her quest is to bring the goddess tales of Greek and Celtic mythology to life again, especially the goddesses associated with the power of the Great Mother, and to acknowledge these strong archetypes and the sacred wisdom they bring to women’s lives. Sleeman’s first novel, La Magdalena, honors the life of Mary Magdalen as a priestess and teacher of ancient wisdom. Sleeman has travelled widely, visiting ancient goddess sites and places of her ancestral origins, both of which she writes about in her fiction. 

Amidst the Feminist writers who are restoring the place of the Feminine in religion, history and mythology, Lauren Sleeman adds a luminous new voice. She not only tells the stories of Greek, Celtic and Sumerian gods and goddesses, but adds the dimension of the evolution of consciousness.

Dr. Lea Holford, Ph.D. Psychologist and Psychotherapist

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La Magdalena draws on the largely overlooked and almost forgotten document of early history, The Gospel of Mary, to create a fictional account of Mary Magdalen’s teachings, her disciples and her relationship with Jeshua (best known to us as Jesus Christ).


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